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The Nation's Premier College Planning Resource

Since the early 90's, College Funding Solutions, Inc ("CFS") has been providing cohesive college planning solutions for students, parents, and financial professionals nationwide.  Our company’s distinct focus is to make available pertinent, timely, and practical college planning guidance, with all strategies, procedures, and insight delivered exclusively from the family’s point of view.


CFS is an experienced consulting firm hired by families to assist with effectively navigating the college preparation and funding maze.  The college planning process is a marathon, not a sprint.  For families to be most successful, they must completely understand the process, devise a plan, and stay on track.  Through two decades of hands-on experience we have developed the true formula for success.

Certified College Advisors...

Families who are seeking college planning assistance want the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an individual who is truly concerned about the student and their educational goals, and who is knowledgeable about the inner-workings of the overall college planning process.

The Certified College Advisor (CCA) designation is awarded to individuals who have completed extensive training that encompasses all aspects of the college planning process, including the most critical and time-sensitive steps.  The CCA accreditation ensures proven solutions entirely from the family's perspective.

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Financial Professionals...

CFS provides specialized college planning training assistance, guidance, software and other related support materials to hundreds of financial professionals throughout the United States.  These are advisors who incorporate college planning to help round out the overall service structure of their practice.  In most cases, college planning, financial planning, and retirement planning all blend together and require collaborative solutions.  Financial Professionals find out more here...

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Our Company Focus...

Since 1993, CFS has been assisting high school students and their families with the often-times overwhelming task of preparing and paying for college.  In addition to working on a one-on-one basis with client families, we also produce, sell, and distribute Premium College Planning Software to financial service professionals and associated advisors across the United States.

Our college planning software assists the financial professional in analyzing a family's college funding eligibility; as well as providing options to increase that eligibility.  Our premium software also offers in-depth details regarding college costs, along with the history of gift-aid offered and selectivity trends of incoming students.  Finally, and probably most importantly, our user-friendly software will create a personalized action plan designed specifically to assist the family in navigating the college planning process.

Concerned, even worried, about paying for college...

Students and parents, are you looking for answers regarding funding, deadlines, and applications?  What about colleges, majors, and careers?  The list just seems to go on and on and the confusion and concern seem to mount much too quickly!

Would you like to save time, eliminate stress, and find everything you need - all in a proven, easy-to-follow plan?  We have the solutions!

Through years of research and hands-on experience we have developed our eCollegePro Family Suite.  No wild promises or quick fix ... instead, a program that has proven successful for thousands of families.

The best kept secret in America...

CFS understands that preparing and paying for college can be a very stressful time.  We know how important it is for you to have answers you can depend on.  And, most importantly, answers from your point of view, not the colleges' or a misinformed third party.

Most college information sources only talk about the fluff, while avoiding the real "nuts and bolts" of the process.  The eCollege Pro Family Suite, on the other hand, considers issues like...

How scholarships generally help the college more than the student

Methods used by colleges to select students and award funding

"Professional Judgment" and who has the final say on what you receive

How financial pressures are creating a "conflict of interest" at colleges

The real money sources and how to access them effectively

Our eCollegePro Family Suite helps high schools students explore career options, find the perfect college, improve their odds of being admitted, and get the best education for the money.

We also help parents make sense of the process, stay on track, weed through the stacks of paperwork, secure funding, and relieve many of the headaches and worries associated with sending a child off to college.

Getting started...

Over 50% of all college students are forced to drop out - many due to the lack of money!  They didn't plan to fail, they simply failed to plan!

Don't wait - get started today!  Remember, students are competing for admission spots and funding dollars as early as the 9th grade.


College Funding Solutions, Inc ("CFS") is a privately held consulting firm with expertise exclusively in the field of college planning.  CFS does NOT provide legal, tax, or investment advice.  CFS is NOT an investment firm.  CFS DOES NOT make investment suggestions or lend investment advice.  Please consult with your tax accountant or investment professional before making decisions, investments, changes, and/or adjustments.  Information, facts, and opinions distributed by CFS are all provided on an ‘as is’ basis without warranties of any kind.